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Our company has years of experience in providing premium customized flash drives and accessories. With thousands of satisfied customers, there is no service or feature we haven’t encountered. We have compiled some of our most popular services on this page to help you optimize your personalized flash drives campaign. Browse and contact us with any questions!

  • Password Protection

    Password Protection

    Protective your sensitive content has always been important. Password protected USB Drives offer a great way to secure valuable information from potential theft. All our USB Drives are industry stand encryption ready.

  • Autorun


    Bring ease of use to end user with Autorun function. The Autorun brings accessibility and ease of use to flash drive automatically opening an important file, program, website or document.

  • Data Preloading

    Data Preloading offers full service data preloading for all types of media and marketing materials. Whether it is a flash presentation or an Adobe PDF file, we can preload any file of any size. We have the ability to customize your order and preloads too meet any specifications you may have.

  • Permanent Upload

    Permanent Upload

    When you need the USB files impossible to erase, we will create a second partition on the USB drive that is undeletable, with the remaining space on the first partition left open like normal for flash drive storage.