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Bulk Flash Drives Allow Business Owners To Have Promotional Items At Reasonable Prices

Bulk Flash Drives Allow Business Owners To Have Promotional Items At Reasonable Prices

Promotional items like pens and key chains have been around for ages and frankly, people are tired of them. Sure, pens serve a purpose but when customers receive one from every supplier, they amass a supply that takes years to use. Key chains, well, who needs more than one? A business that wants to make its brand known without having to spend a lot of money can purchase Bulk Flash Drives customized with its corporate logo and distributes these to customers and prospects.

Since the order quantity is large, the per-piece cost of a supply of flash drives is very low when purchased in bulk. Some companies provide a lowest price guarantee for their custom flash drives, allowing customers to shop with confidence. If another company offers the same flash drive at a lower cost, the vendor will match or beat the price. This is great security to have during these difficult economic times when companies must stretch their marketing dollars.

USB Drives come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, enabling a business to find exactly what it wants. The traditional version is shaped like a pack of gum with a lid that pulls off and a loop that allows it to hook onto a keychain. A similar style allows the user to flip the drive out of a protective case, no lid required. These USB drives are offered in various sizes and colors and are compatible with both PCs and Macs. Laser engraving or imprinting is offered for the company logo.

Over the years, flash drives have decreased in size, making them even more convenient to transport. Any company that provides one of these smaller versions to customers and prospects will quickly win favor. Oval shaped drives come in eye-catching hues like orange, yellow, and green. Sleek colors like white, gray, and silver are also available. These and the other styles feature high-speed data transfer and do not require external power.

Flash drives now even take the shapes of pens and carabiner clips. The top section of the pen is removed to reveal a flash drive that can be directly plugged into a USB port. Pens come in a variety of colors and shapes and are made from materials like metal and plastic. Carabiner clip custom flash drives feature a flat surface opposite the clip area. Pulling the cap off this section exposes a flash drive that is compatible with all operating systems.

Integrated protective covers are included with many styles of USB flash drives. Attractive leather-look covers snap over drives that can be hung from a keychain or briefcase hook. Other decorator styles feature crystals embedded in the case, creating a product that costs little but looks like it is worth a million bucks.

Just because some can find flash drives cheap does not mean companies sacrifice in terms of quality. Each drive features a level of shock resistance, multi-year data retention, and a lifetime warranty. Businesses can rest assured that these Custom Flash Drives will serve a promotional purpose for years after they are distributed.