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Benefits Of Using Personalized Flash Drives

Benefits Of Using Personalized Flash Drives

Without storage capability, a computer would be pointless. Data must be stored somewhere and when that storage location is portable, it becomes even more convenient. A USB flash drive is a popular storage device for computer data because it is compact and portable. Companies have harnessed this device for marketing purposes, creating Personalized Flash Drives featuring the corporate name and logo. Combining an eye-catching company logo with a unique flash drive has many benefits.

For those who are unfamiliar, a flash drive fits into a USB port on the computer, tablet, or smartphone. This expands the memory capacity of the equipment, allowing users to store thousands more documents, videos, photos, or music files. A typical drive stores between 512 MB and 32 GB of data, measures a few inches long, and weighs only a few ounces. Companies can pre-load marketing materials onto the drive or leave it blank.

The device comes in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors. Designs have become unique in recent years, with some USB Drives doubling as flashlights or pens. Manufacturers are now making shapes just as unique as the companies that use them. Examples include blimps, ships, and appliances. There are even adorable animals and cartoon characters suitable for children. Some manufacturers will even create devices in the shape of the company logo or another image associated with the corporate brand.

Usefulness is one reason personalized flash drives make such excellent promotions. These devices are easy to use and have the important purpose of providing portable file storage. As a technology product, they lend the appearance that the company is a trailblazer in its industry. The devices are used on a daily basis by some people, reinforcing the company brand with the user and anyone observing. In terms of advertising impressions, these drives are excellent tools.

A USB drive featuring a unique color or design gets noticed, developing a positive brand association. Companies select drives that complement their logo colors or those made from unique materials like metal, leather, or wood. The latest drives feature an integrated cap so users no longer need to keep track of this cover. The user flips the drive out of the cap or slides the cap from the top of the device and plugs the drive into the USB port on the computer.

In terms of shape, the sky is the limit, with round, triangular, and other non-traditional shapes available. Custom shapes are just that—customized based on company request. A camera company can have a drive made in the shape of a camera. Cologne manufacturers can design personalized flash drives in miniature versions of each cologne sold.

Companies should provide these drives to prospects and customers during corporate marketing campaigns and at trade shows. At conferences and meetings, presentation materials can be pre-loaded onto the device for convenience. Personalized flash drives also make great employee gifts and companies can include them in welcome kits for new hires. This inexpensive promotional item has loads of uses and just as many benefits.